Oct 31, 2013

LDS November Visiting Teaching Message and Treat

Just finished making our Visiting Teaching Message for November, and I couldn't wait to share! Each little sack is filled with a Heath candy bar, snugly wrapped up in one of our paper doilies, with a neatly folded visiting teaching message. They are now ready for pick up in the store or online. Group your orders together to save on postage ($2.99 each)!
 The message this month is from Elder Dube's inspiring October LDS General Conference talk, entitled Look Ahead and Believe. Feel free to remove the message to use as a simple "pick-me-up" for a much loved friend!


Lara said...

I stopped by the store yesterday to find you had closed early. It would be nice if you would let us know via blog or email when you will be closing early. Hope you had a nice Halloween with your family!

Birrell Family said...

You are right Lara. I apologize. Please send me your contact info to Brendabirrell@mac.com and I would like to send a gift card to you... we will
do better at sending out a heads up to everyone. Thank you!! Brenda

Johns Family said...

I can't seem to be able to connect to your online store. Not sure if it's me or on your end?

Birrell Family said...

Dear Johns Family,
Please give the store a call and we will help you. I tried and was able to get one, but it could possibly be your cookies I am told. Our new November 2015 VT Message and Treats are ready to go now.
Call us or email us
Thank you!
Brenda Birrell