Nov 1, 2013

A Mess.

The move continues with our growing collection of family memories... upstairs, downstairs and back up again. Before you applaud me for so many albums, please know that most are just photos and this is only about half of what we have. What to do? I have to be honest and admit that I feel the weight of this unorganized mess on my shoulders. Now I am desperately thinking the buddy system will work... my husband and I are going to work on this project together throughout the year. 
What have a learned in 32 years of marriage? 
#1 Throwing away and deleting often can be our best friend (I have yet to do this). We don't need so many pictures to document our life together. No one needs 25 pictures of birthday... unless it was an extra special one : )

#2 Not every occasion needs a picture. Set your camera aside and just enjoy the moment.


Glenda said...

I agree 100%. There is just so much space and so much time to devote to looking through it all once it's done. I am going to scan all of my photos into dropbox after discarding a large portion of them (poor quality, duplicates, etc).