Oct 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Memory Banner Kit

Get your photos out of storage!  Our newest memory banner add-on kit is now complete.  Announcing the Thanksgiving Memory Banner KIT.
I am so very pleased with each of its' pieces. I especially love the warm color palette!

Don't you love these glittery "Thanksgiving" letters? They give the whole banner a warm
festiveness without feeling gaudy.
I've been really surprised by the many different conversations my memory banner has generated. People love to ask questions about each picture I pin up. I have admit, I love talking about my family and experiences.  Haven't you always wanted an excuse to talk about yourself? However, the thing I love most about my memory banner is the simple way it helps me show each of my loved ones how special they are.

Thanksgiving Memory Banner  |  Easy to assemble Add-On KIT
Basic Dictionary Pennant Memory Banner  |  Easy to assemble KIT

Happy Sharing!