Nov 13, 2013

Starbucks On My Mind : Cranberry Bliss Bars

Ever since our late night hot chocolate blind taste test (see facebook post), I haven't been able to get Starbucks off my mind. What do I love about Starbucks this time of year? Their Cranberry Bliss Bars! These bars are so amazing that I am actually quite happy they don't sell them all yearlong...I would spend way too much money eating them! Warning: as with everything at Starbucks, these bars are expensive. But, they are so delicious! There must be a way to make these at home, right?
Viola! I found this knock-off of my favorite holiday bars on the black peppercorn. It looks promising, so I am adding it to my collection of holiday recipes. Plus, it makes a huge amount. So worth the effort. Don't believe me? Take a minute this week and stop by Starbucks and by just one...if you can. :)

Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars  |  Knock-off Recipe

I would love to know: what is one of your favorite holiday treats?