Dec 19, 2013

Christmas Woodcrafts : Candy Cane and Trees

Today I am featuring the last of our Christmas woodcrafts. We have received such positive response to all of our creations this year, especially our woodcrafts. If you would like to view all of them at once, click here. Otherwise, scroll down to enjoy our final three.
Candy Cane
 Christmas Trees
Stacking Tree

Only the Candy Cane wood craft can be purchased as either the wood shape only or as a kit. When you have a choice, and the time, I always think that buying the kit is the best way to go. For just a little extra, you receive hand selected paper choices and supplies that are all well coordinated. Also, no extra clutter hanging around...a real PLUS!

Candy Cane | Wood only    Wood & Supplies
Christmas Trees | Wood only
Stacking Tree | Wood only

So far, which wood craft of ours have you liked best?