Jan 10, 2014

Tiny Heart Garlands

Ever since the holidays, things around here have been hoppin'! Not only have we had to get ready for CHA, but also my daughter Kelsie got engaged (see Birrell Family Blog). Excited and happy about both...but lots to do. I am so grateful for the wonderful people that I work with, who help me keep the day to day things running. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in several creations before I had to leave for CHA. Also, love has been on my mind (as you can only imagine). What better way to spread the love throughout your home than with heart garlands?
 TINY HEART GARLAND kraft |  Kit     Premade
TINY HEART GARLAND red |  Kit     Premade

These look fantastic pretty much anywhere, but I like them best when layered. Use 2 of the same together or mix & match (either way looks great). They make for easy storage too! Simply wrap around cardboard to avoid tangling, then place in a bag in a dark place.