Jan 8, 2014

Valentine Blossoms!

They say that the devil is in the details, and while true, I believe that it's also the details that create the atmosphere of a room.  A unique or funky room trimming can really brighten up a space. And, in my experience, you don't have to have a lot...just a few items will do. Take our newest creation, for example. These bouquets are made from the same beautiful paper as my Heart Wreath and are super cheery!

Remember, both bouquets come as either a Kit or Pre-made (for your convenience). I hope you like them. :) It was a very busy year for Pebbles In My Pocket. There are many more projects we worked on last year that I haven't even blogged about yet! (I can't seem to keep up). So, stay tuned...and get ready for more fun projects in 2014!


nylene said...

These are so cute. They would really brighten up a dreary winter look. Thanks for sharing.