Mar 27, 2014

Easter / Spring Quotes 8x10 and 3x4

Living in Utah, I feel blessed to live in the four seasons. Each season ends before we are ready to say goodbye to it, but I suppose that is what keeps everything fresh and lets us know the year is going by. 
After our long and snowy winter, saying hello to spring is a breath of fresh air. Daffodils are coming out and buds are on the trees. It's 45 degrees and you would think it's shorts and tshirt weather already. Spring is here. Sunny one day, rainy the next or maybe even snow...

Here is our new collection of Easter / Spring Quotes... Let us know how you like them. Available as an 8x10 image or 3x4 cards on a 12 x 12 sheet of card stock $1.99 each. Perfect for gift cards and such. Find them in the store or online here. Soon available as downloadables too.