Mar 28, 2014

Chick Sour Cream Box Tutorial

How cute is this little guy? He’s the perfect size to fill with goodies and give to friends this Easter season. These are a snap to put together, and are less tricky than they look. We are asked several times each day how to create a sour cream box and in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words and smiles... enjoy! 

Step 1: Fold along the perforated lines of your flat chick box. Adhere the two eyes and beak to the textured side of your box.
Step 2: Run a small strip of double-sided tape along the edge of one of the two flaps. Fold the remaining flap on top of the other to secure.
Step 4: Gently pinch the sides of your box together as shown. Staple.
Step 5: Adhere chick wings to the sides of your box and fill with your favorite candy.

Step 6: Once your box is filled, take the chick fringe, and insert into the opening of your box. Arrange how you like and staple the box closed as shown.