May 9, 2015

Best Quality Erasable Chalk Pens

One of my most favorite quotes that I try to keep in mind all day long... look for ways to serve. I read an article about the worst thing to say to someone struggling. "Let me know what I can do." We all say this right? Hoping they will call because we really want to help, yet don't always know how. But they rarely call. Instead, this article encouraged us to ask and do "what is your family's favorite dinner?" "I would love to pick up your kids after school this week and watch them for a couple of hours." or "Let's go to lunch on Wednesday and visit". I loved and learned a lot from this article to go out and do...

I think one of the coolest things to place throughout your home are chalkboards. Quotes can easily be erased and replaced with new uplifting ones. My favorite pen now is the new Erasable Chalk Pen by American Crafts. It goes on smooth, like butter. We now carry them at our store Pebbles in my Pocket and you will also find them online here.  Let the doodling begin...

Have a wonderful Saturday... it's a rainy one here in Utah today :)