May 12, 2015

Tea Party at Home

My girls like to plan special nights and this time they planned a tea party, which I hope we do again and again. Yes. I liked it that much. Kelsie and Abby passed out assignments and we got into our nice clothes and ate pretty food that was over the moon good.  Abby even bought flowers that will quickly make it down to her room right after. The pretty paper garland was created at Pebbles in my Pocket and made everything extra special. Yes, we are a paper store, but I like to believe we help make memories too. Come visit, we are here to help you...

Loved my grand-daughter Phoebe, who put in her very own hair bow for the tea party, but the outdoors was calling and she jumped right in! Can you tell? She makes me smile real big : ) Thank you girls for the special night, I love these times with you...

(Note: I fold in 1 cup of whipped cream to make the mixture lighter and 
pipe the mixture into sliced strawberries. You can also substitute Almond
Extract for Vanilla if you wish)