Feb 1, 2016

FREE February and March Primary Monthy Themes

Time to download the FREE monthly theme posters for Primary 2016 I know These Scriptures are True. Available at here at pebblesinmypocket.com. They coordinate wonderfully with our others Primary 2016 products. Did you know we print out all the designs in our Orem Utah shop and also print and ship for those living outside of our area? Come visit soon!
Take care,

February Visiting Teaching Message & Treat

The February LDS Visiting Teaching Message and Treats are ready to delight the sisters you visit with a wonderful message and chocolate treat. In the store and pebblesinmypocket.com. Come visit soon!
Take care, Brenda

Jan 19, 2016


Dear Friends-
We have been scrambling to get our Primary Theme 2016 ready to go for you. I hope you love them as much as we do. Be sure to pass these on to those you know serving in Primary. Many are free, and others are bundled up for a small fee. Use them as you wish (non profit).  The designs are also perfect to reinforce the theme in your home and children's bedrooms too. There are 12 Super Hero Kids in a variety of hair and skin tones so you will be able to custom create your very own.

Once I thought of this idea for Primary, it came together pretty quickly...  though a project of this size is a labor of love. I love the gospel and what could be more memorable to kids then Super Hero's with Scripture Power? Wouldn't it be fun to sew up some simple red, yellow and blue capes that the kids could wear when they come up front for their birthday song? They could also talk about their favorite scripture super hero...   FREE Monthly theme posters are available for download too!

Affordable Print and Ship services are available also in our store  and online (801-226-2632).
We are here to help you! Please let us know how our download process works for you. We are new at this and appreciate your feedback very much.
Thank You!

Dec 28, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas Day, the entire family was able to see the twins through the glass from the NICU. I don't think Jack knew what to think. Only Parents and Grandparents can visit, making this visit pretty special. We are in doubly in love.

Max and Maggie

Dec 23, 2015

Max and Maggie are here

The twins arrived earlier then expected for Ashlee and Paul on December 17, 2016 (34 weeks). She was admitted into the hospital to be watched over for pre-eclampsia, but the next day started labor on her own. Maggie struggled with every contraction, so they quickly took her in for a C-section. Everything happened so fast and we are so grateful that Ashlee and the babies are safe and doing good. They will be in the NICU for several weeks.

Life at Pebbles without Ashlee and Jack is different. I already miss Jack fixing things with his little tool box. We are a small family business and Katie is now doing a great job purchasing. Lindsey will work on our website and both she and Abby will help merchandise. Colette will be our working manager. Ashlee will take on responsibilities when she is ready, but we know she has her hands full. I love my family (employees too) and appreciate their help!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers for our family. We appreciate you!


Dec 19, 2015

Ashlee and Jack

For those of you that come into the store, you may have noticed that Ashlee (our daughter and store manager) is expecting twins. Yep. Jack is getting a baby brother and sister,  due in January.  He makes my heart happy when he comes to the shop with Ashlee and is always tinkering with his tools and 'fixing' things.  He is often a dog, lion or dinosaur  and is known to growl at kids, sometimes scaring them. He doesn't bite we have to tell them with a smile and they become friends. He does not share his treats well, unless his mom gives him the 'look'. His world is about turn upside down.

 Invitro has been such a blessing for she and Paul with Jack (4) and now the twins. We know we are not in charge and are in constant prayer that all will be well. Her body is showing signs of early struggle, so she will stay in the hospital for safekeeping and will be delivering them ahead of schedule in the next day or two.

Thank you for your prayers...

Jack and snuggle time with Abby

Dec 2, 2015

Mini Calendar Workshop December 8th

Mini Calendar Workshop Tuesday December 8th 6-8pm $6 each calendar, sign up for as many as you need. Class taught by Darcy will fill up fast for this great little gift for friends and family 801-226-2632 call to reserve your spot (you will learn how to use the Cinch and Minc Machine with this class... Prepare to fall in love!)